Yz250 Manual

Be sure the machine is positioned straight up when inspecting the oil level. Blow out all passages and jets with com- pressed air. Never start or run the engine in a closed area.

Take care to not spill any gasoline on the engine or exhaust system. If it does, correct its twist.

Below you will find free PDF files for your Yamaha YZ owners manuals

The front fork requires careful attention. Nicht in Ordnung Magnetventilspule Erneuern. Hold the impeller shaft on its width across the flats a with spanners, etc. After tightening the nut, indian cricket team images check the steering for smooth movement. White smoke Unstable at low speeds Lower jet needle clip position.

Always replace piston pin clips after one use. Replace the piston seals and dust seals whenever a caliper is disassembled. Mauvais Magnetventilspule Changer.

Wash the all parts in a clean solvent. Install the bearing by pressing its outer race.

Measure the specific distance b from the stepped surface a on inside of the piston. Page Anweisungen beachten. Stiffer a a Increase the rebound damping force. Choose the piston that matches the above chart.

Le specifiche relative alla coppia per componenti o gruppi speciali sono incluse nelle sezioni pertinenti di questo manuale. This repair manual contains the following sections This repair manual covers the following vehicles Select a reason. This manual contains all the comprehensive information required to handle anything from minor repairs to major overhauls or tear downs of your Yamaha motorcycle. Uneven adjustment can cause poor handling and loss of stability.

No good Check each couplers and Repair or replace. Pull the lead to check that it will not come off. Reproduction with transparent protective cover. Connect and disconnect the connector two or three times. Always use fresh, name-brand gasoline, and mix the oil and gas the day of the race.

When installing the flywheel puller, turn it coun- terclockwise. Dry each terminal with an air blower. Do not rebore the cylinder.

Use a thin screw driver, and be careful not to damage the inner fork tube and dust seal. No good Check entire ignition Repair or replace. When washing the machine with high pres- sured water, cover the parts as follows. No good Check solenoid Check solenoid valve. Fit the piston seals and dust seals onto the slot on caliper correctly.

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All gaskets, oil seals, and O-rings should be replaced when an engine is overhauled. Before using this machine, check the following points.

Yamaha YZ Manual

Install the brake hose so that its pipe por- tion a a directs as show and lightly touches the projection b b on the master cylinder. If it splashes, wash it away with water.

Yamaha YZ Owners Manuals

Yz250 manualYz250 manual

Clamp the clamp portion a of the number plate to the handlebar. Replace distorted circlips. The coolant is harmful so it should be handled with special care.

For a malfunctioning shift fork, replace not only the shift fork itself but the two gears each adja- cent to the shift fork. Use of stiff spring Generally a stiff spring gives a stiff riding feeling. Stiffer a a Increase the low compression damping force. Repeat the bleeding procedure when the tiny bubbles in the system have disappeared. This is the position which is back by the spe- cific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position.

Yamaha YZ Owners Manuals Motorcycle Owners ManualsYamaha YZ250 Manuals

If you make a mistake in the grip cap installation position, the brake lever may contact the grip cap, resulting in poor brake performance. Die una sensazione di guida rigida. Temporarily tighten the bolts grip cap.

Wash the bearings and ball races with a sol- vent. Element should be wet but not dripping. Replace the drive, driven sprockets and drive chain as a set.

Yamaha YZ250 Manuals

Below you will find free PDF files for your Yamaha YZ owners manuals

When ordering parts, you can give the num- ber to your Yamaha dealer for positive iden- tification of the model you own. What oil does it use and how much?

Before starting the engine, fill the fuel tank with a break-in oil-fuel mixture as follows. Distinctly different color Check the engine condition. Check the steering shaft by turning it lock to lock.

Align the projection a on filter guide with the hole b in air filter element. Non funziona Controllare tutti gli accoppiatori e i Ripararlo o sostituirlo. Never attempt to pry out piston seals and dust seals. We recommend to use Yamaha genuine parts for all replacements. Elevate the rear wheel by placing the suit- able stand under the engine.