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All around bad and very disappointing. This app is not what it used to be, which was aligned with its core mission. The app is filled with sexual predators whom I tended to report taking advantage of vulnerable people by offering them money in exchange, cheaters, dating a welder shirts attention seekers for bad reasons. It actually helped me through a hard period at the time.

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Like what kind of values are these that they're promoting? It was decent back then, had a real mission, and served as an outlet for support in tough times. Users don't have a public identity in the app.

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The Strange Things People Have Said In Their Sleep

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People actually shared real secrets, were genuine, and used the app for honest needs. Now, it is a total gutter promoting values that are incompatible with basic rules of ethics, decency, and with society at large. You can respond to a message publicly or privately, choosing a public anonymous post or a private pseudonymous chat. When you open the app, you see six such images.

The videos consist of a series of Whispers set against relevant video clips and instrumental background music. You can over share without any repercussions.