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If you want to give your opinion on the song, hit the either of the rating buttons. SoundSleeping exists to help you relax and fall asleep. There is not limit to explain about this amazing website by Google. Your email address will not be published. Recognized more as a distribution tool than a listening tool, Soundcloud still does both magnificently.

Myspace may seems qute odd for this list but they have relaunched themselves as a music and video platform. Radio stations can be searched by song, sports, news, talk genres and you will get results ranging from rock to religious music and business news among others. You can queue up music in the Daytrotter player on the bottom of your page while you listen to varied playlists from readers as well as artists.

7 Websites for Music Lovers

20 Websites to Listen and Share Music for Free

If you skip a song, you can go back to it if you want. New artists get to create a webpage here to help promote their songs to listeners. It's got a pretty accurate algorithm going. After picking your music, you can then start adding ambient noise. You know, that song you are currently listening to that is doing it for you.

15 Best Websites to Watch Music Videos Online for free legally

Now, I know you've been on the Internet a long time and you know your way around. Much like Pandora, Jango lets you enter the name of an artist you like and create a radio station based on that artist. And like a Reese's Peanut Butter cup, those are two great things that work well together. The sixtyone aims to highlight newer artists so if you are in for fresh tunes, this is the place to be.

15 Best Websites to Watch Music Videos Online

Pick a mood and it will suggest music for you. There are a lot of moods to explore, some of complicated, some simplistic, but the songs are always spot on.

To listen in, just hit the Listen button and a small player window will pop up. You can also listen to playlists created by other users.

Basically this website is like Pandora where you search for a particular artist and radio station is created for that artist. Whereas Musicovery has you pinpoint your mood on a graph and generates playlists on the fly, Stereomood serves up pre-made playlists that are tagged with a certain emotion. You love music, you love the Internet. Mugusha is a really promising offering for electronic music lovers, and it could really take off in the future.

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The one you have on repeat, the one that's making your day better or maybe even making you cry. Some offer multiple streaming options, while other focus on one method in particular.

Streaming music websites have revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to our tunes. Spotify is one of the most popular websites around to listen to music online. Vimeo is one of the best websites to watch videos. Ever wanted to get into classical music, bitcomet 1.29 but had literally no clue where to start?

You upload your own music, and you can stream it to other computers or mobile devices. Find any station by genre and add them to your profile for future returns.

It plays a single song, fills the whole screen with information about that song. Still, the site is awesome solely because people make amazing mixes. Tally-ho and all that jazz! Just enter a song or artist you like and Pandora will build a radio-like station around it, proposing new music similar to your taste.

Originally inspired by Friendster, MySpace quickly, here you can easily watch music videos and directly you can share those Music videos with your friends in single click with your friends. One thing which I really like about this website is that, it takes music videos from all over the Internet and puts them all together so you can easily view all the free music videos you want to see. Remember those mood rings you used to have back in third grade? Both have desktop apps, and both have an advantage over Spotify with their web interfaces.

There is a mood chart in the form of a grid. Listening to music has become an integral part of our lives. RadioTuna is a great way to find radio stations by genre, artists or song. Slaker is a radio-style website, but unlike, for example, Pandora, listeners are not restricted to only being able to listen to radio stations. Find out what world class athletes listen to.

Also you will get the full detail about a team which is behind music video. The good thing about this situation is that you have a ridiculous amount of choice when it comes to getting your music fix these days. Still, We Are Hunted is a beautiful way to get your music fix.

15 Best Websites to Watch Music Videos Online

There are lots of different websites out there that show free music videos but below you will read about those websites which differs from the rest of the crowd. You can adjust the volume of each track, and you can also adjust the panning to the right or left to create the perfect ambiance.

37 Awesome Streaming Music Sites You Should Check Out

Choose from romantic, sad, or other emotional moods to bring up soundtracks and scores to fit those moods. However, the most prominent feature of Grooveshark is the ability to upload your own music to the site. Not from around either of these areas?

This is a huge list of streaming music sites, and I took a long time to research, curate, and write about it. In fact, Live actually hit the market first with an internet radio station directory, although ShoutCast had the software out first. As such, these sites rest in the Gimmick category below this one. You can also create your own playlists here.

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