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Prior versions already showed the spot crude oil price. Bank deposits and cash balances now reflect all changes in cash balances of the bank's corporate customers, or in cash balances of players who are customers of that bank.

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The counterparty is taking your bet, and will profit if the Prime Rate goes up, rather than down, while the swap remains in effect. Earnings projections are now available for the coming quarter for all corporations but are not always accurate, as in the real world, especially for complex companies with many subsidiary holdings.

However, the penalty is not imposed if the player who controls the corporation that is making the prepayment also controls the lending bank. Some players have suggested that they should be able to turn off the bank automatic allocation of assets for any bank you control. This list also shows each company's credit rating and who, if anyone, controls it. However, your company no longer will incur the full costs if the merger is aborted, for any other reasons. In prior versions, an option could not be exercised if doing so would give a player or company control of the company whose stock was obtained by exercising the option.

However, overuse of this tactic, or engaging in too many scurrilous activities, may subject you, the player, to individual liability if the company you targeted sues you for slander or libel. Seriously revised user interface. The database search screen has been modified. You must also survive various man-made and natural calamities and economic disasters.

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Now you will be able to see, at a glance, who controls which holding companies, banks and insurers for which there are no Industry Projection screens. If your transaction is too large, or if you have created too many large options contracts, you may not always be able to find a counterparty, at some point.

Banks, when buying loans, now have a choice of picking corporate loans you wish to buy from a list of all bank loans that are offered for sale. The rate earned on T-bills fluctuates with overall interest rates, and is generally somewhat lower than the interest rate on short-term government bonds, but they are an extremely safe investment. Click on it to see all recent news items on any stock you own directly, or that you control indirectly, or any news items that mention you. Added new rare economic scenarios, that can appear if certain unusual econonic situations occur.

The prior restriction, allowing such transactions only for a company of which you were the C. When it applies, it is now based on the company's total assets, less any Business Assets and Working Capital. Once in a while, users are faced with choices of a moral nature. The listing of companies with the largest industry market share now shows who, if anyone.

They apparently expected that adding such near-infinite amounts to the economic model wouldn't have any effect on it. No short position in the stock will be created. In the new version, any time a company you control releases a new quarterly earnings report, the earnings report screen will immediately pop up. Players can use this function to add to the estimated income tax paid for the current year.

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One mouse click now brings up any of those items. In the shareware version, the options remain restricted until the date of expiration, at which time they will be exercised or bought back by the company for their cash value, if any. Additions or withdrawals from the reserve have no tax effect, since additions were not deductible. Changed the way dividends are set.

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Greatly sped up operation of the program, by combining all the main elements of the program into a single program file. But companies must still pay income tax on their taxable profits.

Players may now make interest-bearing advances loans to any companies they control. Refusing will cause the tender offer to be canceled. Because of major changes in real world currency values, such as the decline of the value of the U. All calculations and tax payments are done automatically for each player.

All merger costs are paid by the company that proposed the merger. Click here for a sampling of News Headlines generated by events in a typical game. Spreading false rumors using the Spread Rumors button is still an effective if dirty tactic. New Korean Peninsula disaster scenario, and Japanese disaster scenario added. This can be a real time saver, when you control a large number of companies and don't remember which companies have which futures, options, etc.

It's a highly challenging game since you are strictly an investor, not a billionaire who can take over companies and manipulate their stock prices or dominate entire industries. The notice also specifies the date about one month ahead on which you will have to vote your shares for or against the merger proposal.

Below are details on upgrades, updates, bug fixes, and other improvements in the Windows version of Wall Street Raider. Check it out, if you want to brag to or otherwise communicate with other Wall Street Raider addicts! Wall Street Raider was reviewed by Corneliu Paval. Note that commissions are not charged on either sales or purchases of T-bills, kalma song mp3 which are assumed to be bought directly from the government.

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Stock pricing for bank stocks has been modified to make it more difficult to drastically manipulate the stock price of a controlled bank. However, we do still give you one break the U.

As such, you can now tell at a glance which bonds in a bond portfolio have equity features. Otherwise, the only other way to get out of a swap is for one party to go bankrupt! Saved game files are compatible only with v. In prior versions, players sometimes did not see the headline announcement, if popup suppression had been elected.

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