Virtual Villagers The Lost Children

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If you happen to have some tips for this game, feel free to submit them and they will be published here. Parenting is the final skill, but an important one you need to manage correctly. Hover an adult over the area until they see the twisted roots. These herbs, by the way, comprise one of the main puzzles and are used to create stews see below. Once the wood and grass are in place, drop them onto the fire pit and they will start a fire.

Yep, he's just playing around. After you acquire Level Two Exploration, drop a Master Scientist on the sharp stones just above and to the right of the twisted pieces of wood and vine used for the scarecrow.

Your food worries are now over! When the stew is complete, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire. This will add to their builder skills, slowly. Anyone figure out how to solve the algea problem? Fire The first puzzle to be solved is starting a fire.

One of the most interesting things about the Virtual Villagers games is they play out in real-time. New Believers There are a few minor bumps in the road to Virtual Villager perfection, label vector however.

Level two you can climb the cocanut trees. Generations have passed since a small band of survivors first washed up on the southern shore of Isola. Once sufficient fish have been placed in the ocean, the algae will once again be under control and the villagers will have unrestricted fishing. Don't read these unless you want to know exactly how to solve each of the puzzles. Villager management is as easy as drag-and-drop, and the new mysterious are a joy to uncover.

Virtual Villagers 2

The Hit Sequel

If no one is sick, you can still develop this skill. As for the wood, it is to the right of the briar patch, between the briars and the eventual graveyard. The person who was carrying the gong piece dropped it to go and celebrate and now I can't find it.

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Virtual villagers the lost childrenVirtual villagers the lost children

The bright red flowers southeast of the dam. Initially, make sure you have at least one person working on each of the skills. Puzzles are the pieces of the Gong of Wonder. It is me or is it true that the same collectibles will show up but you'll only get credit for finding the first one of it's type?

Herb Mastery This puzzle is easy to complete early in the game. Each item, after the first time you collect it, is worth tech points. Healing can seem a bit tricky at first, but a few easy ways exist to increase this skill.

Hi all, I've solved all the puzzles except finding the last two gong pieces. Some food supplies may be limited, so be alert for the opportunity to discover new sources of food. Choose incorrectly, and you could end up in dire circumstances.

This puzzle can be completed at the beginning of the game. To complete this puzzle, you will need to locate the cauldron which is hidden under the woodpile. Around the edge of the map are six plants to study. Doing so reveals a piece of the gong. So, pay attention to the details and think carefully before you make a decision.

The numbers for each herb correspond to the herbs as listed and identified under Herb Mastery. Keys correspond to nine different sections of Isola. These often provide clues that will help you solve the puzzles. Save links to your favorite games here. Drop your villagers onto anything that looks interesting.

There are a few minor bumps in the road to Virtual Villager perfection, however. Prepare a magic stew that will allow one of your villagers to dive for the sunken gong piece in the pond. Villagers need to be taught to perform a job. Follow two curious, determined villagers as they make their way into the darkest recesses of the cave that had long taunted them. Through these many years they have struggled and conquered the challenges of rebuilding what they had lost.

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Virtual villagers the lost children

You can safely browse these hints if you just need a gentle push in the right direction. They will walk to the ocean and put the fish in the ocean.

To retrieve the piece deep in the pond, you will need to make a stew. You'll need to do this twice.

This helps you remember who's who so you can stay on top of each villager. The large orange flower to the south of the village.

Virtual villagers the lost childrenVirtual villagers the lost children

If that happens, try to heal your sick villager again with a different villager. This allows you to farm and get a limited source of food until you are able to solve the other puzzles. You will know when you have completed the puzzle as you will receive a pop-up that tells you, and of course, there will be a celebration.