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The Governor remains in his apartment, and only comes out to put down a bitten citizen. Philip then suggests that perhaps she likes him as well.

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List of The Walking Dead episodes. Rick slams Glenn against a wall, pro e wildfire 5 software before walking off without a word. Comic book series Television series Fear the Walking Dead. They find Milton dead and Andrea bitten. The third season was very well received by critics.

The Walking Dead (season 3)

As Rick surveys the walker-infested prison yard, Carl expresses his opinion to his father that he should stop being the leader. He takes her back to the others.

Rick rebuffs Lori, revealing that he is still bitter that she reacted badly to Shane's death. As Merle takes Michonne to the spot, Merle becomes sympathetic towards her, and lets her go. Andrea returns to Woodbury, and after sleeping with Philip, she stands over his sleeping form. After losing sight of her, Merle suggests that they go back and inform The Governor that they killed her.

While Rick deals with Morgan, Carl goes off to look for something, and reluctantly allows Michonne to follow him. Later, he gets a call from a man in the woman's group. Andrea, disobeying The Governor, shoots at them, not knowing who they are. She offers to get Rick inside Woodbury to rescue Glenn and Maggie. As Andrew comes close to getting the upper hand, he is shot in the head by Oscar.

Outside, Milton scribbles in a notebook, explaining he's making a record of events post-apocalypse. Rick and The Governor meet face-to-face, ostensibly to make a peaceful resolution to prevent further bloodshed.

As she escapes she is shot by Merle. The Governor returns to Woodbury, bringing with the military vehicles, weapons and supplies. Merle uses the opportunity to lead a group of walkers to the meeting point, and then to attack The Governor, but is eventually killed. Rick decides on his own to deliver Michonne to The Governor, discreetly asking Merle for help, but Merle insists he do it alone.

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The two women stare at each other for a moment, and then Michonne flees. Andrea admits that she enjoyed the fights, and was angered that she enjoyed them.

Five men in prison garb then appear, and Daryl aims his crossbow at them. Daryl and Maggie head out to find food and clothes for the baby.

The Walking Dead (season 3)

As in the comics, this season is mainly set in both an abandoned prison and an active rural town of survivors. Ernest Dickerson is shooting the season premiere. Some episodes may be almost entirely filmed in Senoia, and it is possible one or more episode might not be filmed in the town at all. We may be filming at night for some of the other episodes, as well. When their test subject turns and attacks, Andrea kills him.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. After a fight, Daryl decides to go back to the prison. As the survivors regroup, Rick is devastated to discover Lori's death. People are being blocked from leaving the town.

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Morgan nearly kills Rick, until he reminds the unstable man of who he is. Hershel sends Daryl and Maggie off to get formula for the baby, and Daryl puts Beth in charge of Carl. Believing that The Governor wants to kill them regardless, Rick and The Governor prepare their respective groups for combat.

After a brief discussion, the man reveals that anyone who dies will turn, a shocking surprise to the girls. Merle angrily stalks Daryl into the forest and chastises him for risking his life to help strangers. The central theme of the series examines the will to persevere in the face of inevitable death. Rick tries to convince Morgan to return with them, while Michonne protects Carl while he recovers supplies and a personal photograph from a bar.

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Season 3 - Part 2

As they drive on the road, they talk and Merle decides to let Michonne go and take care of The Governor his own way. Tyreese recounts his experience at the prison, and offers to join the fight.

Rick tells the prisoners about how the world has been completely overrun by Walkers as the convicts had no knowledge of outside conditions. They are later seen leaving, and entering the woods together. Merle then sneaks up, and Glenn and Maggie raise their guns toward him. He walks out of the prison. He succeeds in downsizing his army but is found and killed by Philip.

Andrea attempts to free herself as Milton slowly dies and turns into a Walker. The Governor welcomes them to stay as long as they like, then brings up Rick's group. Glenn picks up Hershel and Michonne in a car, while Rick is struggling to fight off Walkers. The next day, The Governor and several guards drive up to the location of the surviving soldiers.

Daryl and Merle fend for themselves out in the forest. The Governor reels as Michonne prepares to finish him off, but Andrea walks in and draws her gun.