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Or maybe that's the point? Do you want to hear about the deal that I'm making? She didn't say anything for hours because she was rendered catatonic. Beautiful song, at first, I interpreted it as the singer had a loved one who was trying to commit suicide maybe that was just a bit too much of a morbid take on the song! Stealing the moment means just listen to me because this is so important really important to me right now.

Placebo's take on the song is more downbeat than the original. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. It makes so much sense in my current situation.

And if we could actually swap each other's roles, if we could actually be in each others place for a while, I think we'd both be very surprised! Your shopping cart is empty. That would be the bargaining phase.

Desire to let another live whom you feel had more right to live than you. Well, that is my interpritation, and what the song means to me. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. When u watch and listen to this video it's showing that everyone is exactly the same they feel the same. Electronic band Chromatics released a cover on their album Night Drive.

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Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks. Then she would be the ill or dead person and the person she loves would still be alive and healthy. Unaware I'm tearing you asunder. It's what happens to marathoners sometimes. The images are for illustrative purposes only and are not contractual.

Running Up That Hill Karaoke - Placebo

They threw a sink at her face. Ireland wouldn't play it, and that generally we might get it blacked purely because it had God in the title. She'd run up that road with a cross strapped to her back. The void that creates misunderstanding, conflict and pain in relationships.

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The partner is more earth-bound. Discography Songs Awards and nominations. If I only could, Id be running up that hill. It doesn't matter who u are what kind of person you are.

This section needs additional citations for verification. He, however, is still trying to figure out what is up. Get a weekly email update We won't give out your email. What does Running Up That Hill mean?

But we were told that if we kept this title that it would not be played in any of the religious countries, Italy wouldn't play it, France wouldn't play it, and Australia wouldn't play it! Ooh, there is thunder in our hearts. Hence, once she got out of the psych ward, she simply had to ignore all of the other marathoners for fear of her actual life. But see how deep the bullet lies'. Karaoke Songs Karaoke catalog New video karaoke files Free karaoke.

Basically she wishes she could help them, but cant. Thank you, and thank God, for your offering to take my place. To me, this song is about a person who wants to help someone he cares about by taking their burden.

The Tour of Life Before the Dawn. Billboard Hot Dance Singles Sales. You don't want to hurt me, but see how deep the bullet lies. But then, just as always, reality steps in, and the love becomes just another incident to regret. Obviously they want to be happy but they simply can't be happy with the person doing what they're doing hurting, without realizing it!

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Surely it's about the death of a loved one? The forkers were the deciders. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. This interpretation has been marked as poor.

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You know my problems and I know yours. She wants to change the way things are happening in her life, the obstacles, the trials, the problems. Someone close to her is ill or has died and caused her great pain which she will never fully get rid of. The roadies provide her with soup as she lurchingly trudges in a forward motion.

She is in total Love with a very Long Clown running in the marathon. Then you could have the joy of running up the hill whenever and as often as you like. Running Up That Hill song meanings. No, death becomes her. movie there is not that much hate for the ones we love.

No idea about a lot of the song but I feel there is some religious imagery to be considered. Being able to deal with life and having no one to talk to. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. It's you and me won't be unhappy.

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Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder. And she'd do it with no problem if that's what it takes for the world to value her women as we do men. Running Up That Hill Meaning.

There is thunder in our hearts, baby. That it's not actually that hard to empathise if you just try? Your purchase allows you to download your video in all of these formats as often as you like.

Without even trying or did they? Tell me we both matter don't we, you, you and me you and me won't be unhappy. The new version was premiered during the Summer Olympics closing ceremony. It was then she was sent to a mental ward for not running fast enough.

The song has been critically acclaimed. People told her she was a slug and a junkie.