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There are three satiric points that the film makes. In the end, it becomes an action-fantasy set in Chicago where the hero is lost in space and the heroine is a high flying trial lawyer. Watch for the least likely rescuer to save the day! Amidst the chaos and the deadlines, a wholly new narrative emerges though the happy ending is preserved. Second, how to present yourself professionally online dating the film mocks the Japanese social practice of being polite at all costs.

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But all is well that ends well. But then again, satires were never meant to be realistic. The radio station plans to stage a radio play based on a housewife's melodrama script that won and was the only submission of the radio station's contest. And everyone, including the radio play's audience represented by a single truck driver, is happy in the end.

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McDonald dramatises one night in a radio station. First, the film criticises the Japanese work place convention and its rigid corporate hierarchy. The author, conventionally seen as omnipotent in his own creative universe, is relegated to a mere gatekeeping role and not even an effective one at that by the corporate institution's demands.

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Her script is a meticulously crafted tear-jerker set in a Japanese fishing village. More and more changes are made as the script succumbs to the demands of other actors, realities of the radio station and plot inconsistencies caused by initial changes.

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More subtle is the subversion of the creative process. Originally a stage play, Welcome Back, Mr. Spoilers This comedy didn't really work for me. This is only a small taste of it.