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The man who hires him begins having second thoughts when the panther get to work. Episode - String Along In Pink. First title card to be animated. Episode - Supermarket Pink. The Pink Panther follows a seemingly endless piece of string.

The Pink Panther arrives at Nome instead of Rome and meets a friendly seal, an unfriendly polar bear, and a hunter trying to catch the seal for its fur. He gets his mower out of his garage but it won't start. The Pink Panther walks outside of his house and notices that the grass and weeds are almost up to his waist.

Pink tries to have a quiet afternoon interrupted by a voiceover persuading him to try various do-it-yourself tasks. Episode - Yankee Doodle Pink. The Pink Panther finds a witch's magic wand and uses it to help a girl in rags become glamorous to win a date with Pelvis Parsley. The Pink Panther sneaks into a house to stay the night and has to hide from its drunk owner. The stork gets lost in a thunderstorm and accidentally delivers a baby crocodile to the Pink Panther's home.

It seems to be attached to everything from a flag to people's laundry. The Pink Panther adopts a pet rock, which is more trouble than it is worth. First Pink Panther cartoon to be shown on television.

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The Pink Panther wakes up in a log cabin in January and has to avoid both starving to death and getting eaten by a starving mouse before spring. Episode - Pink In The Drink.

Pink learns to play the violin, and interrupts a performance of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with the Pink Panther theme played on various instruments. The Pink Panther decides to be a superhero and tries unsuccessfully several times to help an elderly woman. He thinks it is his phone and when the clock continues to ring, he pulls the phone cord out of the wall. He mails the duck off to Japan only to have it return.

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Footage reused for connecting bumper sequences on The Pink Panther Show. The Pink Panther decides to get a job at a construction site, but wreaks havoc across the site instead. The last cartoon to be held that involved the Pink Partner is Supermarket Pink. Sweet, Connect to Amazon Prime!

In the jungle, the Pink Panther encounters a music-loving gorilla who dances whenever he hears music. Start your free trial now. The Pink Panther counters this by painting the house pink. Episode - Cat And The Pinkstalk.

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The Pink Panther sells his cow for some beans and grows a large beanstalk, later facing a giant in his castle above the clouds. He goes to a mall where he causes much chaos. The panther spends the rest of the episode dealing with a tail that's way too long. The Pink Panther uses a very large magnet to retrieve a lost coin that fell down a sewer grate.

Jekyll gave the Hyde formula to the car, causing it to transform into a wild car! The Pink Panther tries to teach a baby bird to fly. The Pink Panther buys a cuckoo clock so he can wake up early in the morning. Pink finds a magic wand and helps a girl in rags become glamorous to win a date with Pelvis Parsley.

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Footage reused in Pink-In. The Pink Panther is running a gas station for spaceships. Released with an unknown reissue. Episode - Spark Plug Pink. The Pink Panther flies an experimental fighter jet, but has trouble controlling it.

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The Pink Panther is caught littering in the town of Litterburg and as punishment, he has to clean up all of the litter in the entire town. Who will win this battle of wits? When he stops he is standing on a piece of string.

When he gets it home a battle ensues. As he is walking down the street he comes across a man selling toy ducks that he thinks are real. The Pink Panther meets a friendly salmon at the beach and keeps him as a pet. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Pedestrian Pink Panther is having difficulty crossing a busy traffic intersection.

Watch The Pink Panther Show now on. The panther has to hide when a group of aliens show up looking to give him trouble. However, the panther quickly develops animosity towards the weight machine after its predictions keep causing him misfortune. The Pink Panther Show will repeat all the episodes on their shows. After these two episodes, helicopter strike force game for pc there was a long and famous history of Pink Panther cartoons.

The Pink Panther and a sheep come to live in Cattle County, Texas, and have to endure a sheep-abusing cattleman. The Pink Panther goes fishing, but eventually gets sabotaged by one of his own bait worms and then must fight an aggressive crab that he accidentally reels in. An Indian fakir's magic rope falls in love with the Pink Panther's tail and the Panther tries to run away from it. The Pink Panther goes to fun arcade and plays many games, but gets hurt and loses money.

These are just some of the options when you want to watch the pink cat in the cartoon form as there are many options. He tries to get rid of him but fails. As soon as he gets set up it starts to rain. An offscreen narrator later revealed to be the devil voiced by Paul Frees pits the Pink Panther and his neighbor Harry also voiced by Paul Frees against each other over unreturned garden tools.

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He wants it back so badly that he gets a powerful magnet to try and retrieve it. Last cartoon scored by Steve DePatie.

The Pink Panther sneaks into a house on a snowy night, only to find out it belongs to a hunter. Doug Goodwin provided the musical sound effects, as well as the Pink Piper's magical pipe.

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Every time he tries to eat it starts raining and the rain clod follows him everywhere. The Pique Poquette of Paris.