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What's New Popular Trending. And this shaadi season, get your Punjabi moves in order and perform a dance as big as Lahore. See More Entertainment Apps. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Vicky Patel and his dances are genius and create fun and upbeat routines for all their videos.

Once the bride was given the gold coin, the henna would be applied. But we think having a mehndi cake at your event is a nice unique touch that should be considered. Mehndis are usually the most anticipated events, because they are supposed to be the most fun-filled events of the entire wedding. In Hindu festivals, many women have Henna applied to their hands and feet and sometimes on the back of their shoulders too, as men have it applied on their arms, legs, back, and chest. The glamour, the excitement, the food, the music and so on.

This was done because it was thought that the bride's crying would bring good luck. Well after viewing this sneak peak, im sure you can be rest assured, Unique Films are always consistant in thier style through out your event.

Often hidden within the mehndi pattern, the name or initials of the groom are applied. This movie is kind of on the older side but the song is perfect for a large group dance. With this style you can be rest assured Unique Films have created a style of thier own within Asian Wedding Cinematography. The most important part of the baraat is the Rukhsati. Mayuns are also mostly held at home.

Mehendi Ki Raat

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Generally, the bride and groom attend the event together and on the occasion, a professional mehndi artist or a relative applies mehndi to the bride's hands and feet. Also stress gets built up from all past preparations and events, which adds to it. In addition to the bride, all unmarried persons at the henna party would also apply the henna to their hands, believing that it would allow them to be married soon as well.

All of these events combined are what make the Pakistani wedding ceremony unique. Mehndi Inspiration Pakistani Mehndi Entrance Ideas Pakistani mehndi entrances have become a major focal point of mehndis. Attend any British Pakistani wedding and you will feel right at home with the food, superman red son dancing and masti.


The bride is supposed to wear yellow clothes, or have a touch of yellow in her outfit. The purpose is to make the bride and groom feel special, and celebrate whole-heartedly.

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For this reason, it was suggested that it be applied between thirty-two and forty-eight hours before the wedding so that it may have enough time to stain the skin. Often times, colourful neck scarves are also worn by the groom and boys attending the mehndi. Or if you feel another company has promoted our work as their own then please do inform us.

All of our material is fully Copyrighted By Unique Films. These dances are very attractive and look like when the boys and girls dance together in various songs. Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent. The Pakistani wedding ceremony is definitely enjoyed even more enthusiastically by British Asians, who have stayed true to their cultural roots. This is because it is a kind of goodbye between them.

Trending App of Sapna Chaudhary dance videos. Mehndi wedding songs application brings you the best songs pakistani and indian mehndi songs dance are available to users and can easily watch videos and enjoy latest mehndi videos.

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Once this is done, fruits, nuts, and pastries would be brought out and songs would be sung in hopes of making the bride cry. According to Hindu tradition, the ceremony is mainly held at the bride's house or at a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. Traditional weddings in South Asia can often be long, ritualistic, and elaborate affairs with many pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding ceremonies. Usually the fathers of both the bride and groom will stand as witnesses.

Best Mehndi Dance Xplosive Ent Funny Dance

When planning a mehndi, one aspect people usually do not plan is having an actual mehndi cake. Over the past few years, hundreds of choreographed group mehndi dances have been uploaded to You Tube by dance studios, couples, and just a few friends looking to share their passion with the world.

Anyways we hope you like our latest Mehndi Video Dance sequence, and as always feedback is much appreciated! Punjabi songs are always a fun addition. Skin exfoliation causes the henna tattoo to fade. The way the you enter the venue and party hall is meticulously planned to every second.

But choosing a group mehndi dance and a song can be intimidating. This dance is sure to make history again with all its popularity.

The mayun is also an excuse to get together with lots of music, dancing, chatter and food. Muslims in Afghanistan also started to use it as an indication of coming of age.

Different countries and regions of a country celebrate the ceremonies in different ways according to their own marriage customs, rituals, and culture. All such traditions definitely lighten up the wedding mood. This remake of the classic song by Hans Raj Hans is everywhere these days. It can rather be a sad moment for the family of the bride, and the bride herself. In addition to this, the bride also wore a red veil that covered her face.