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The film was a box office success, becoming one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films of in India and overseas. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Adam Backstreet Dreams Barfi! To miss it would be a crime. He hides her in his apartment with the police in pursuit.

Barfi is deeply affected by Jhilmil's loss and is not able to live peacefully without her. In the meantime, both becomes good friends. Theatrical release poster. In the second attempt, a second time, they faked her death so that she could return to her special-care home, away from her alcoholic mother. What Bitti doesn't know, is that Chirag is, in fact, the true author of the book.

Finally Chirag marries Bitti and they live happily ever after. In order to conclude the case, the police try to frame Barfi for Jhilmil's murder.

The soundtrack album has six original songs. The application features Ranbir Kapoor as his character from the movie and allows users to type actions, which Kapoor acts out. Barfi won several awards and nominations at various award ceremonies across India. For the film, see Barfi film. Like it has been discussed, dental decks part 2 2011 those film makers who have been portraying the handicapped as dull and boring in their films must take a lesson from Barfi!

Shruti files a missing person report for Jhilmil. But it was boring that way. They give a makeover to him and teaches him to behave, look and act exactly opposite of Bitti's liking. Its technical brilliance is only outdone by its emotional complexity and depth.

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Priyanka Chopra played the role of Jhilmil. Filmfare Award for Best Film.

Ranbir Kapoor played the role of a deaf and mute man in the film. However, Basu stated that on the contrary, the film was happy.

Meanwhile, for time pass she also buys a book from the platform. She returns to her home same night.

List of accolades received by Barfi! Ronnie Screwvala Siddharth Roy Kapur. The soundtrack was influenced by Brazilian Bossa nova. But on second meet, Vidrohi impresses Bitti's parents, irritating Chirag. Six years later, Barfi and Shruti meet by chance.

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So he decides to really woo Bitti and this irritates Chirag but later on he realizes that Bitti has fallen for Vidrohi. In a role where she needs to under-emote, she does so brilliantly delivering an incredible performance. Barfi collects the ransom but finds that his father has died just as he makes the payment. That night she leaves her house and despite not knowing to go anywhere takes a train. The bookshop owner, also the best friend of Chirag, knew that he is the actual writer.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Barfi! Some additional vocals are sung by Ranbir Kapoor. Like most Indian mothers, Bitti's mother wants to see her daughter get married to a nice man from a good family. She agrees and hopes that now Jhilmil is gone, she can finally be with Barfi.

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The rights are for a period of seven-year, consisting the premiere for both channels of the film. She explained that she needed two moments to become Jhilmil because she didn't identify with her character due to difference between her thought and behavior. Ranbir Kapoor was the first choice of director Anurag Basu and Katrina Kaif was the first choice for the role of the narrator. The price of the deal was not revealed by the production company. After three days of workshop, Basu was convinced that Chopra could play the autistic part and reflected that he was glad that he chose Chopra for the role.

India portal Film portal Bollywood portal Comedy portal Disability portal. He sees her in a van, sneaks inside and drives Jhilmil away from the ransom delivery. It included no dialogue, portraying comedy through gestures and actions, and was well received by critics and audiences. Vidrohi agrees but gets so scared of the possible future scenarios, that he leaves the city without telling anyone.

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This has happened in many films where known faces have harmed the character. He has totally reinvented himself with this album which defies Bollywood norms and boasts of a sound of its own.

Only someone who has showed death the door can open windows to life like this. Shruti is unhappy with her marriage and she and Barfi rekindle their friendship, much to the chagrin of the lovestruck Jhilmil, who then goes missing.

Bitti, however, wants a husband who understands her and more importantly, who accepts her exactly the way she is. The owner, in turn, takes her name and address to inform them in case he gets the writer. Meanwhile, Barfi's father falls ill and Barfi must somehow raise the money for his treatment. Jhilmil arrives and lies with Barfi in his hospital bed as an old Shruti narrates that the two died peacefully together, not wanting to leave each other behind in life or death. Several years later, Barfi is shown to be gravely ill in a hospital and is close to death.

The film received critical acclaim overseas as well. Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra played the lead roles. His mother died when he was a baby and his father raised him alone while working as a chauffeur. There are no foot-tapping numbers or remixes here, but the simplicity that makes this album a winner. So, just play, enjoy the music and the world of Barfi!

Bitti tries to get Vidrohi's whereabouts from Chirag but Chirag successfully manages to agree her on writing letters to that writer instead meeting personally. Chirag agrees and as he has fallen for Bitti and decides to tell her the truth, that he is the actual writer. Ronnie Screwvala Pritam Chakraborty. Oh My God Excellent Barfi!

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He wrote that book describing his girlfriend Bubbly and their love story. But it wasn't working See, Barfi is a very simple story.

The film closes showing the happy days of Barfi and Jhilmil as the credits roll. She writes letters, give it to Chirag to send it to Vidrohi and Chirag answer it for her as he is the original writer. But now Bitti is getting upset that despite repeated requests Vidrohi is not agreeing to meet her, and requests Chirag to arrange a meeting just once. British Board of Film Classification.