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The economic value concepts are reviewed as they were developed in ancient civilizations, in Greek, Roman and medieval period. Subsequently, the characteristics that denote community goods are defined and the principle of willingness to pay, referred to the collective fruition of an inclusive good, is specified. Specific attention is paid to activities in the field of public works. The second part of the thematic session begins with the presentation of the main notions of economic theory on public goods and of collective choice theory.

Then, the economic theories of value are treated. Finally, the classical statistical-mathematical-financial tools used by the discipline of appraisal are recalled, walgreens dating highlighting the correct conditions of use and the limits of applicability. All'interno di un gruppo la valorizzazione e la collaborazione sono alla base deI Collaborative learning.

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The most innovative approaches are focused on evaluations linked to the inclusion of citizens in decision-making regarding the production and the fruition of community goods. Nella collaborazione il gruppo lavora su tutte le parti di un campito ponendosi lo stesso obiettivo. In conclusion, the criterion of the esteem value, connected to the importance attributed to the good by the valuation subject, is treated in the double aspect of absolute value and relative value.

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