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It is a beautiful and well managed botanical garden in Pakistan. We also listen that there are some ladies their coming to the garden is not correct for searching this like of ladies me and my friend change our ways. That's why the friendship in garden is not correct. It's a very shameful action for us. Here a lover is sitting with his beloved in the shadow of the tree and some one is surrounding with friends in the garden.

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After sometime again I met with the demanding woman here the camera man record my and her discussion. This discussion has made our search easier. My friend asked some secret question from that security guard between their discussion and the security guard give full information to him.

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This is a family garden here if someone says some this with his beloved in front of other people so it will be very shameful action. It is wonderful garden for families in the center of the city. This garden has the name of the founder of Pakistan and they are doing this kind of actions. That's why most of the families fear to come to this garden. This is not only the place for doing time with girls but in that building they are doing hot and sexy Mujra, they are drinking wine and selling drugs.

Jinnah Park is a wonderful garden with colorful roses and trees. This book can be obtained from the office of Jinnah Garden. Those people who are working in Lahore in also living here. Some of the people are sitting because of load shading and some because of hot weather.

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Because there are some people if the lover go in a secrete place so these people are taking money and showing them to the other people that go there is someone with her girlfriend. They are also many and seeing to surrounding in the garden.

We are shocked about the garden they make such cabins for this kind of bad action. My friend gets the news about the government building in the garden. The garden has a good name in Chrysanthemum shows, it was the first institute that started growing chrysanthemum and maximum no of varieties for it. The security guard thinks that he is also the customer for those girls.

There are some people they are giving some room to those people who can enjoy their time with those bad ladies. Regarding collection of trees, site dating free uk shrubs and climbers a book has been published by Ch.

After some time my friend fine the security guard of the building. They are using this garden very bad and that building in the garden. We have one camera man also that camera man record all the discussion with that security guard. She said there are some rooms in the canteen and they will also take hundred of the room.

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