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J-STD Bake Conditions

Readability and usability were improved based on user feedback from the original release. Lists requirements for qualification and characterization of solder paste. For a good soldered joint, the proper amount of solder paste must be used.


The time in this area is known as Time Above Liquidus. Hence, paste evaluation is critical. Flux is added to act as a temporary adhesive, holding the components until the soldering process melts the solder and fuses the parts together.

This will be less so with lead-free solders. Insufficient amounts of paste result in incomplete circuits. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Irregular particle sizes are not used, as they tend to clog the stencil, causing printing defects. There is a wide variety of cleaning agents for these fluxes. This guide includes everything needed for repair and rework of electronic assemblies and printed circuit boards! Many procedures have colour illustrations to help the user understand the guide.

Thereafter, the solder melts. We offer a full range of electronics testing to verify the safe and compliant operation of your electronic components and assemblies under all types of environmental conditions. It should be warmed to room temperature for use.

These fluxes can be cleaned if required after the soldering process using a solvent potentially including chlorofluorocarbons. This revision has been critically reviewed for clarity and accuracy.

The composition of the solder paste varies, depending upon its intended use. The paste is a gray, putty-like material.

Generally, solder pastes are made of a tin - lead alloy, with possibly a third metal alloyed, although environmental protection legislation is forcing a move to lead-free solder. We regularly perform mechanical testing to provide our clients with full knowledge of the physical and mechanical limits of their products.

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The Electronics Group of Henkel. This allows us to advocate for you, represent your product in the industry, and better serve you in product validation. Printed circuit boards are the foundation for any printed circuit assembly. Depending upon the formulation of the paste, it may be very important to stir the paste before it is used, to ensure that the viscosity is appropriate for proper application.

This section includes procedures common to rework, repair and modification. In using solder paste for circuit assemblies, nice english fonts one needs to test and understand the various rheological properties of a solder paste. This article needs additional citations for verification.

By accurately measuring everything from arc resistance to conductivity, we supply you with the tests and documentation you need to have full confidence in your electronic components. Contact us today to discuss your next program!

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What sets us apart from our competition? This full-colour document provides photographs and illustrations of the target, acceptable and nonconforming conditions that are either internally or externally observable on bare printed boards. These defects can compromise the integrity of the solder joint, reduce the reliable lifetime, increase insertion loss, and lead to hard-to-diagnose failures.

These standards attempt to ensure that the end results of a soldering operation produce a reliable connection that can be inspected and ensured to meet minimum standards of performance. The definitive illustrated guide to printed circuit board acceptability! Whether you need to measure elasticity, impact resistance or another product characteristic, the scope of our mechanical testing means you can count on the integrity of your final product.

Tyco Electronics Corporation. As with all fluxes used in electronics, residues left behind may be harmful to the circuit, and standards e. This standard lists requirements for qualification and characterization of solder paste. There are many different types of defects possible, i. This guide is provided in a three ring binder for easy updating.

Click on Latest News tab for further details. This includes adapting methods to accommodate unique samples or requirements. Includes products suitable for applications where the major requirement is function of the completed assembly.

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More info Make sure your operators, inspectors, and engineers have the most current industry consensus information. However, these pastes need a very clean assembly environment and may need an inert reflow environment. Online postgraduate courses for the electronics industry. No-clean pastes save not only cleaning costs, but also capital expenditures and floor space. Water-soluble fluxes are made up of organic materials and glycol bases.

Solder paste sometimes refers to soldering flux that does not contain solder. This procedure is quite thorough, yet minimizes the amount of testing required to differentiate between excellent and poor solder pastes. Our technical experts and engineers specializing in chemical, electrical, environmental, and mechanical testing are in the top of their field.

Typically the end-use environment would not cause failures. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The paste's physical characteristics, like viscosity and flux levels, need to be monitored periodically by performing in-house tests. Hence, the requirements for Hi-Rel coaxial cable assemblies often require further inspection and testing that ensures mechanical and electrical performance.

J-STD Bake Conditions

IPC J-Standards