Hardy Boys The Tower Treasure

There is no character development and you can't even distinguish between the Hardy Boys, Frank and Joe. Book is in used condition. Books that are this old and are well read must have been really loved. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Hardy Boys Tower Treasure

Stratemeyer Syndicate Franklin W. The characters were still as shallow as I remembered, but I was surprised to find the plot was episodic and their father did some big chunks of the investigation without them. With the exception of a weird confrontation with a homeless man, everything was fairly predictable.

But it was an enjoyable read those, so there's that. And if the next book in the series wasn't there on the shelf, we were devastated, and needed to bug our parents to come back again and again to get it. This is my first time reading a Hardy Boys book in years, and I found it interesting. Now that's a simple pleasure with profound consequences.

What more mischief will he cause? But those are purely physical things. He's a man of meager finances, and other than Hurd and Adelia only he knows the combination to the safe.

Are they different characters? Maybe even travel over to another bookstore and hope that they might have it. Before Frank and Joe had cutting-edge technology and extensive infrastructure in later versions of the series, they were just as proficient at hunting down the bad guy with nothing but their wits. He's fired and later arrested, with devastating consequences for his family.

Hardy Boys Tower Treasure

Frank and Joe decide to go to the railroad where Jackley used to work to find more information. Leslie McFarlane Introduction. Or is it because he expects that they're going to humiliate him, so he isn't keen on showing up. It's not like they're behaviour is different at all, is it?

Also, the culture in this book is so old and the way they speak is so dated. Maybe the car that passed them had also run this car off the road, they wonder, or maybe the wreck was days old. Good mystery, amusing friendships i. Yeah, sometimes I do the same thing with villains.

In an age of innocence, the Hardy Boys series provided a rich fare for the imagination and fantasize about being a detective oneself. While the writing is a tad simplistic, the formula the authors used is wonderful. Frank and Joe Hardy are driving their motorcycles along Shore Road when a speeding car almost drives them over the cliff. Tear bottom dust jacket front cover.

The Tower Treasure

The Tower Treasure

How're you feeling about it now? Handed down to Applegate, from buccaneers, who fought for years, for Gold Doubloons, and Pieces of Eight. My biggest problem was with the characters. Pictorial hardcover binding with a blue spine and brown multi-pic endpapers.

Yes, these are dated, they were dated when I read them, but I still like the books. But when he can't come up with a solution, it appears that only his sons may be able to solve the crime and save the family of their friend. But whatever his age, he'll always owe a debt of gratitude to those authors who got him started. For some reason it got a lot better once you pass the midpoint.

The Tower Treasure

The letters D M stamped on front endpaper. But soon, another more serious crime is committed when the house of one of the town's wealthy families is robbed. His friends, Frank and Joe, do, and they also see a performance of The Merchant of Venice and laugh hilariously because of the lead actor's comedy and gestures.

Read my full review at Carstairs Considers. Since this is the first in the series, we do get a bit of information about their characters and their friends. Actually written by a collective that hides behind the name Franklin W. So how can be better than Smuff when they have same motivation?

Why did they keep it for all these years? Hardcover with dust jacket. Whether the original series or a new incarnation, Hardy Boys books will always mean something to me. Book list on the back cover has Hardy Boys plus the Detective Handbook.

Hardy boys the tower treasure

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Can you imagine criminals who do not seem to kill? Also, I'm pretty sure a bunch of people write under the name of Franklin W. Mexico, Canada, Morocco, and many more.

The Tower Treasure is Frank and Joe's first adventure and the audiobook is well read by Bill Irwin and produced with delightfully campy sound effects. The Tower Treasure by Franklin W.

It's been a while since I've read a good mystery and coming back to the hardy boys series reminds me just how much I love the genre. And sadly, once a lad has moved on to books with titles like that, there's no going back to the Hardy Boys. The story begins with Frank and Joe Hardy barely avoiding being hit by a speeding driver, net protector serial key who they notice has bright red hair. Maybe it should be a Hardy Boys mystery?

Hardy Boys Tower Treasure

Johnny believes that anything in the tower belongs to him. August - The Tower Treasure. My son and I have only read the more recent volumes. The beginning to the middle was very slow and choppy.

This first one is pretty good and a way of introducing all the characters and the circle of friends - the unforgettable Chet, Tony and Biff. Gee boy this book was swell. This book may have been short but it was teaming with mystery, suspense and just the right amount of humour.