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If Garmin sold the same watch but without the heart rate monitor, I'd still buy it, and I might even prefer it for being a touch lighter and thinner. It's also much more comfortable to wear while sleeping, typing, and swimming. This is handy for quickly checking the time, but we found keeping that setting on meant it came on a lot during the night. The Fitbit Ionic costs more, and its style, with a square face instead of round and a more streetwear look, is less versatile.

Those numbers also lined up with readings from the treadmill's handgrip heart rate sensors, again with a very short lag.

It's also considerably less than many of the brand's more specialized multi-sports ranges. Whether you'll actually use Garmin Pay is another story.

One added capability not yet found in other Garmin watches is support for contactless payments using Garmin Pay. That said, dating online in california Garmin watches have a reputation for lasting a long time.

Tracks wide range of activities. One of my favorites displays the current time in time zones you choose. That said, it doesn't have the same extensive collection of third-party apps available for the Apple Watch.

When you raise your arm, the face illuminates. It's a good price for a device that does so much, especially if you don't intend on replacing it for five or six years.

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Some people are bound to love the minimal effect this provides, others who are used to multi-functional sports watches with lots of buttons and dials may find it lacking. Here you can see the charging port and optical heart rate sensor. You can wear it in the pool and track swimming as an activity, or use it during a weight-lifting session to count reps. The great thing about this is you get to decide during setup whether you want it facing toward your body, or facing toward your wrist and hand.

When in smartwatch mode, you can see the time and date, or whatever you choose for your watch face, on the screen at all times. It manages everything from contactless payments to stress measurement. It also has smart enough motion sensors to calculate running cadence, even during treadmill runs.

You can customize which activities show up on the watch so that you can track your favorite ones easily. Otherwise, they were always within two or three beats of one another at rest, during both low- and high-intensity activity. The backlight comes on when you flip your wrist up. Cons May feel heavy and bulky to some. After four days of tracking, they were on average about steps different, about a quarter mile, but they were not consistent in how they were different.

You can change the settings so you can choose which side the button sits on. It also supports a long list of activities you can track both indoors and outdoors, such as running, walking, bicycling, aerobic exercise, swimming, strength training, yoga, and many others.

This combined with a super flexible silicone strap makes for a very comfortable wear. And unlike a lot of similar devices, there's just the one button on the side of the screen. This button is pretty important because, among other things, it allows you to access the sports menu and also works as a back button.

It will be offered in the Forerunner and Forerunner Music when those devices launch. As is, it's still one of the best fitness products we've tested.

It could stand to be a bit thinner and lighter, but you'd have to lose the heart rate monitor to make that happen. If you use it with an Android phone, you can even reply to text messages directly from the watch. The silicone strap is flexible and very easy to get on and off. It's supremely multi-purpose, but still easy to use and gets the core elements right.

Speak to any runner or triathlete and they'll likely cite one of Garmin's Forerunner, or even Fenix, bands as their favorite gadget. But that hasn't stopped Garmin from venturing into a more consumer-focused space either. In short, if you want a Garmin fitness device there are certainly cheaper options.

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The display is always-on, but dimmed. There's a small bezel round the edge of the screen with lines on it to show where the hours are.

It has on-board lifestyle features, like sleep and stress tracking, but is also geared up to compete with similar multi-purpose smartwatches with its notifications and payment system. It set a high bar for the weight I'm willing to tolerate on my wrist. For example, eliminating the heart rate monitor increases the battery life from one week to three in smartwatch mode. The screen is in full color and supports touch input. Heart rate readings were nearly matched those of the Tickr X, too, typically lagging behind by just a second or so whenever my heart rate changed.

On two occasions the Ray's readings were higher and on two the Vivoactive's were higher. That was the case throughout our whole review period, even at night and at the gym. However, you can customize whether it comes on or not, as well as how long for.

This is especially the case in comparison to wearables built solely for tracking, like Garmin's latest Vivosport or Vivosmart devices. Great features for runners.

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