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All of the fish shown in the photographs are commercially fished, with some species shown regarded by scientists as being over-fished and threatened. We urgently need to stop overfishing, blender dating websites and stop plastic pollution and cut carbon emissions. The fish in this image was sourced from Santa Monica Seafood.

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It took a lot of work to do that. All of the fish shown in the photographs are commercially fished, although some species shown are regarded by scientists as being over-fished and threatened. The series features actors from Hollywood, London and Copenhagen, with more European stars set to join by the end of the year. It became a global phenomenon. If the sea goes, our ecosystem goes and we all go too.

Fishlove believes that the use of these fish in these photographs is justified so as to highlight what species could be lost if overfishing continues. But I get so sick of restaurants claiming to be sustainable and not having an idea or a clue about what sustainable means.

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Former darts ace Bobby George with a wolf fish. And simply doing photography without words was very exciting and very provocative.

This year we have a chance to make a change that will ensure more seafood, jobs and profits. War and Peace actress Jessie Buckley with a sturgeon.

The real change is at the political level, although you do what you can in your own way. Holding a cold fish to my bare chest took a lot of nerves, but was also huge fun and strangely satisfying because I think it will make a difference! When the campaign began, everybody wanted to talk about fish because of these images. Other than in very unusual circumstances, the fish photographed are eaten afterwards.

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This is why I did my Fishlove portrait with a sturgeon. If we keep this up, there will be few fish in the future. For high resolution, unwatermarked images contact Nicolas Rohl, nicky fishlove.

She understood the whole celebrity game and got in touch with all the people. They include actresses Imelda Staunton, who poses with a blonde ray, Rula Lenska hugging a brill, Jane Horrocks holding a ling, and Jessie Buckley clutching a sturgeon.

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