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Free to Play Online Dragon Aerial Combat - Dragons of Elanthia

Daenerys rides Drogon followed by Rhaegal to the Dragonpit Summit as a show of power. This sassy lion tamer knows the importance of looking in charge and in vogue. The Resonance ride shapechanging dragons. Welcome to Dragons of Elanthia!

Dragon Rider

You'd think that the Servant Rider would be able to ride dragons, but even at an A Rank of the riding ability, she is unable to ride dragons. He's the ultimate tank of Dragons of Elanthia.


Blast your enemies out of the air in an epic free-to-play, dragon-themed shooter! It's your first day at the lion-grooming studio.

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King Maegor Targaryen rode his father's dragon Balerion. The Minions have once again made a mess of the laboratory! The Humongous Mecha The Vision of Escaflowne from the series of the same name could transform into a dragon, which was controlled in Dragon Rider fashion as opposed to the standard internal cockpit. Morgana can also command the dragons, though Aithusa's condition by the time she's large enough to ride means there's no riding her. The Acacia Dragoons from Chrono Cross ride dragons, but said dragons are rather small and silly-looking.

Free to Play Online Dragon Aerial Combat - Dragons of Elanthia

Read on to find out what they thought about the game! These are some of the best mounts in the game, being able to bypass terrain obstacles or enemy units by flying and granting powerful combat bonuses to boot.

Colossus of the X-Men once pulled this off, in order to provide Cyclops and Wolverine with a flying rescue. As the Unsullied, Dothraki, Vale and Northern armies wait outside the gates of King's Landing, Daenerys destroys it allowing them to enter the city.

Mecha-King Ghidorah from Godzilla vs. Korra herself becomes this briefly when the Dragonbird she helped reunite saves her from Unalaq.

Fynsy's Beauty Salon has become very popular! Even Rarity knows about it. He serves as both a loyal pet and his main mode of transportation, much like Aang and Korra's Non Human Sidekicks. Their favorite band is in town and the girls are so excited. Redglare travelled around by riding on her enormous dragon lusus, Pyralspite.

How could one possibly augment the red dragon's general badassitude already? Zuko gained a dragon companion in his later years, named Druk.

Let's help him get rid of his ear infection- and take over the world! Queen Visenya Targaryen rode Vhagar, the smallest of the original three Targaryen dragons. The key to training dragons is making sure they are well fed, a dragon with a full stomach is more obedient.

Unfortunately, the developers couldn't mess with the base Neverwinter Nights graphics enough to allow the character to ride a dragon onscreen. They will even nuzzle their riders, hoping to be petted.

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It was also mentioned as being basically for show and its bite attack - after it was destroyed he just kept flying on his own anyway. Till the End of Time has an entire brigade of dragon riders as one of the enemy nation Airyglyph's armies. Daenerys later decides not to ride Drogon north and instead sail with Jon to reaffirm that they are allies to the common people of the North. You can toggle the visibility and size on the last panel, in case you wanted to isolate just the dragon or just the girl.

According to legend, the earliest humans were raised by dragons who used them as steeds and hoped evolution would force them to grow wings. The fact that you can't actually control the dragon that much means it's nowhere near as useful as it sounds.

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The colonists needed something to incinerate the Thread before it reached the ground and ate everything organic. Turns out that he's actually a cowardly Fake Ultimate Hero who had saved the day by accident. Kitty Pryde also has a pet alien dragon named Lockheed that occasionally has the ability to grow large enough to carry her and the other X-men.

The rider has a fantastical selection of clothes ranging from steampunk to Eurasian mountain cultures. Most of the games are rail shooters, with you on your dragon flying into a storm of enemy creatures and aircraft.

Altena, Areone and Travant Thracia. The Night King becomes one after he kills Viserion and raises him as a wight. Orcs have access to Wyverns, which are more vicious but stupider and ignoble dragon offshoots, and Lizardmen generals instead get to ride the universe's equivalent to a Tyrannosaurus rex.

There's quite a bit of dragon-riding in the process. Of course, Lucoa's dragon form is so massive that he barely appears as a speck on her forehead.


Dragon riders show up as mercenary forces on occasion. The larger her dragons grow, martial arts certificates the more difficult they are to keep under control.