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Standing a core on edge on an anvil stone, he or she hits the exposed edge with centripetal blows of a hard hammer to roughly shape the implement. The sockets combined a number of desirable features, including strong construction, tapered walls to reach tight places, and an attractive appearance with contrasting polished and matte chrome. The double-hex sockets are stored in the bay at the upper right. Hand engraved inscriptions with cursive letters and ornamental capitals were done in the handwriting style of the period, naturally. In operation, the metal plate would be positioned to use the tabs with the appropriate spacing for a particular valve.

The S-K catalog offered two series of wrench models, both of the offset double-box style. Polishing improved the mechanical strength of the tools, so increasing their life and effectiveness. In Langdale, there many outcrops of the greenstone were exploited, legal dating and knapped where the stone was extracted.

Edges were often sharpened by further retouching. None of the tools in the set are marked with a company name, leaving the chipped decal on the inside lid as the only identification for the set. Ornamented tools can be dated by consulting the classic writings on style, but care should be used here.

Nevertheless, the range of time within archaeological dating can be enormous compared to the average lifespan of a singular human being. When decorative elements exist, they too permit dating by comparison with other styles in use at various times. Absolute dating methods, by using absolute referent criteria, mainly include the radiometric dating methods. Chrome plated finishes were standard for most S-K tools from the s onward, but due to material shortages, tools manufactured during the wartime years may have plain or cadmium finishes.

Dating vintage Starrett tools

The same inductive mechanism is applied in archaeology, geology and paleontology, by many ways. Wrought iron ferrules, forge welded or dovetailed by brazing, date just prior to our times. It is very easy to recognize the differences in the methods of fabrication. It could only be sufficient if such a grouping of work methods is accompanied by solid knowledge of the tool in question.

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These stores offered a selection of tools, and in the s the socket sets were easily recognized as S-K production. Deep sockets made by Williams in the s e. The same should be attempted in all regions where the edge too l industry was established, as has been done with glass blowers, bell founders, paper and clock makers.

Sherman-Klove and S-K Tools
Klein Tools Inc

Klein Tools Inc

Sherman-Klove and S-K Tools

These ratchets must have been a cause of great excitement when they were introduced in the mid s, as other heavy-duty ratchets of the time had only very coarse actions. All of the tools are finished with cadmium plating. There was a tendency to use this screw for dowel pins in working with wood wh ere a complete cross beam was not required.


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  1. The sockets are stamped with the fractional size flanked by a dot on each side, but without a company or brand marking.
  2. Although difficult to see in the photograph, the socket has a bored recess below the broached area.
  3. The finish is polished chrome.
  4. At the time, deep sockets were intended primarily for spark-plug removal and were usually provided with a hole for use with a cross-bar.

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  • It was in the same box as the level and has a patent date of Dec.
  • Here is the picture of the blue micrometer box, you requested the other day.
  • Oldowan tools were characterised by their simple construction, predominantly using core forms.
  • Lineman Logo from Trademark.
  • The forged body is hardened everywhere and is unplated, but with a polished head and panel.

Past history deep time Present Future Futures studies Far future in religion Far future in science fiction and popular culture Timeline of the far future Eternity Eternity of the world. The date codes were typically stamped or forged into the underside of the handles. Home What's new Latest activity Authors.

The fine-tooth ratchet mechanisms were also available in other drive sizes, as our next example illustrates. The blank was ported to serve as an ongoing source of flakes until it was finally retouched as a finished tool itself. Any tool, partially or entirely, harry made out of stone.

Subsidiaries of Symington-Wayne Corp. Their books, while providing a certain degree of control, are not sufficient to guarantee a date. The next figure shows one of the earliest fine-tooth ratchets produced by S-K, marked with the first of a number of their patents on ratchet mechanisms. Sherman-Klove was founded in Chicago by Mason H.

The Dating of Tools

This would place the transition to the S-K logo some time around or prior. Information on the company's older products was obtained from catalog No. All of these are point sockets.

Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress. All four of the drive walls have such a recess. The transitions are currently of greatest interest. The S-K sockets are also unmarked except for the size, but several construction and marking details help to distinguish these sockets from other similar makes.

However, as manufacturing processes were improved, various makers started adding drive-end recesses. What's new Latest activity. After the introduction of their Craftsman brand, Sears continued to use Fulton as an alternate economy brand. In addition, the lower case has rolled edges at the top, providing increased stiffness with the use of lighter gauge metal.

Dating vintage Starrett tools

Chronological dating

The socket is not marked with a model number, but was identified as number by the Brazil Tools brochure. Not to be confused with Tool stone. The reader will immediately recognize this as an S-K set, and in fact no attempt has been made to disguise the maker, with all of the tools except the ratchet bearing standard S-K markings.

The model numbers are mostly visible on the larger sockets. Lectrolite had production capabilities for making drop-forged wrenches and handled that side of the business, while S-K concentrated on sockets and drive tools. They are distributed very widely and were traded over great distances since the best rock types were often very local. This permits the establishment of an approximate date of origin.


Right now there aren't enough hours in the day to compete the projects I am working on. Note the cold-broached construction with a relieved area below the broaching, speed dating revolution birmingham to allow for chip removal. Catalog Coverage The table below summarizes our catalog resources for S-K and related brands.

The catalog noted that the sockets were not guaranteed, due to the extra-thin walls. This ratchet mechanism was a radical improvement for its time, as the fine-tooth action was simple and reliable, and easy to mass-produce as well. Cross-bar Diameter for Flex-Head Handles. Introduction Klein Tools is a maker of pliers, nippers and other tools operating in Chicago, Illinois. So it looks like I'm not the only one infatuated with Lufkin tools.


Used for pliers and other tools. Wrenches and Other Tools Sherman-Klove was known primarily as a maker of screw-machine products and probably had only limited if any drop-forging capabilities. Used for safety equipment. Now that's the problem, I still have to work for a living. One simple form of reduction is to strike stone flakes from a nucleus core of material using a hammerstone or similar hard hammer fabricator.

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