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The most important and the most serious consequence is neglecting and ignoring the adolescent spiritual and inner growth.

Never think that you are strong and will not be affected by bad company or bad surroundings. Never give-up or lose hope in purity if you sin by thought or deed.

Have company with pure Christians. Give equal care to your spiritual growth as you give to your body. Resist and expose sexual thoughts in confession so the devil would know that your mind is not his hiding place. Usually blessed by the family and under the guidance of the father of confession. Always stay in the group and avoid one to one interactions at an early stage.

Orthodox Christian Dating

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Coptic Orthodox Christians

Dating is usually for the sake of having fun in a very temporary relationship driven by peer pressure. Physical intimacy is completely prevented in the pre-marital dating period. Pre-occupation with own physical appearance and dress in unsuitable clothing to emphasize the body features. Reach out to your Bible and read a chapter or few psalms whenever you are tempted with a sexual thought. Spiritual growth is achieved through prayers, dating a native guy church meetings and Bible reading.

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