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Carly and kirk bachelor in paradise still dating, do Carly and Evan work it out?

Are Carly Waddell and Kirk DeWindt still together?

Dan decides not to give out his rose and leave since there was no one he was interested in. Every single episode they end up giving their rose to each other, and somehow this works out.

The two take tequila shots and quickly get drunk and make out in the hot tub. They go to a winery in Tequila and then have a romantic overnight date. Justin Reich from Kaitlyn's season arrives and asks Samantha on a date and she accepts, upsetting Joe, who is friends with Justin.

Samantha breaks up with him. Before everyone has handed out their rose, Clare walks out and tells Chris Harrison that she isn't sure if she should be there, and the episode ends on a cliffhanger. Mikey receives a date card and asks Juelia on a date. It was so dramatic and real. At the end of the season, Evan Bass will end up actually proposing to Carly Waddell, and she says yes.

Do Carly and Evan work it out?

So this leaves the question, do Carly and Evan find love on the show? Mikey offers Mackenzie a rose but she says no and departs. Nick asks Jaclyn if he can have her date card since she doesn't have anyone and he wants to go on a date with Samantha. Tanner and Jade have a great date and Tanner tells Jade he loves her, and she says it back to him. Last night, everyone saw that Evan is even going to try to make a move on Amanda Stanton.

Her desire to have a relationship with Kirk overpowered her ability to hear what he was saying. Before the dates begin, Kirk breaks up with Carly and everyone gets angry at him. At the cocktail party, Clare makes a speech about how she thinks the people from last season of Bachelor in Paradise were more genuine, and this upsets everyone. Nick Peterson, the winner of the third season of Bachelor Pad arrives with a date card, claiming to have been in contact with Samantha before the show.

Chris Bukowski, making his fifth appearance on a bachelor show, arrives with a date card. Clare Crawley from the last season of Bachelor in Paradise arrived. Justin and Cassandra exchange roses and leave Paradise together as a couple. He then brings everyone to see the wedding of Marcus and Lacy, a couple from last season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Do Carly and Evan work it out? They will date the entire season of the show as well. She has to be open to getting to know a man on a deeper level before making a decision about how she feels about him. It might make it where they can work their relationship out in the long run. Although the two of them kiss, Amber is feeling like Justin is more of a friend.

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Nick is only seeing Chelsie as a friend and admits he is still interested in Samantha. During the after show we learn that Cassandra and Justin broke up and she began dating Jonathan, who was also on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, while Tanner and Jade are still happily together. It is pretty surprising that this ends up happening considering how much Carly was against the idea of dating Evan at the start of the show. During the date, she saw that maybe Mikey was a better guy than she thought.

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It appeared that the two were inseparable as we watched them hang out, hook up, and fall deeper in love week after week. Mackenzie and Justin meet a man and he performs a ceremony on them. Joe takes Juelia on a date, where he takes her to a waterfall. So as Carly gushed and blushed about Kirk, even announcing on the fifth episode that she was eager to have sex with him, she had only truly known him for a matter of days.

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But, according to Bachelor In Paradise spoilers, Kirk blindsides Carly during the finale and dumps her! Carly and Evan do both live in the same area, university dating uk so this will make things easier on them. Carly takes Kirk on a date and they see fireworks. It turns out that Carly must have had a change of heart at some point. Kirk and Carly try to figure out where they stand with each other and they end up getting the first overnight date of the season together.

If you follow Carly and Evan on their social networks, it is obvious they are still together right now. Tanner was able to still pursue Jade because of this, something that Carly took away from Kirk.

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She is most interested in Jared. Tanner said he didn't have a problem with Jade's playboy past and the two shared a kiss. Michael took Tenley on a dinner date where a mariachi band played for them.