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Upon arriving at a landmark, the option is given of talking to two people, typically one native and one Westerner. Unfortunately, the unavoidable nature of some of the dangers will make many players angry. Except for the river scenes, graphics are very static. Tried downloading Mac version. Applies to all games I cant play any of the msdos games and I have no idea why!

Amazon Trail The Download (1996 Educational Game)

You will replay until you win. Every version since then has just gotten better and better, and this one is no exception. Play s of free professionally made games online.

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Players may come across various people along the river, taking photographs of the flora and fauna of the area, fishing, and canoeing. Many of these figures have interesting items which can be acquired in trade for food, clothing, etc. At that time, so many years ago, it was Atari who often came up with new surprises that very often the amazed me.

Amazon Trail The Download (1996 Educational Game)

Just one click to download at full speed! Capsizing could lead to loss of supplies and injury, or even cause the player to drown resulting in an instant game over.

Aside from always dying and the unavoidable diseases, this is a good game for teaching a great deal about the people, plants, and history of the Amazon. Fully supported on current version.

Active Netplay Sessions Currently no active sessions. Staples, such as food and harpoons harpoon fish for extra food shouldn't be ignored. You will interact with people around the river and not all of them will be friendly. Once it downloaded the file was empty and didn't work. At certain points in the game, time-traveling is also available, and the player is able to meet historical characters.

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They're clear enough for you to be able to identify the characters. You can trade with them so that you can get the things that you need. To find a way to bring the Inca King the things he asks for, check out all the items for trade. How you do where it ask your name how you answers question what do please tell?

The game doesn't have much of a manual, except for an in-game index with most of the information players need. It was my favorite movie back then. The player is given a good feel for the differing attitudes and clashing roles portrayed by the encountered individuals, pertaining to the history of the Amazon.

Did not work on my Mac at all. How the heck is this supposed to play? Search Results - clear search query.

You might enjoy the challenges that this game dishes out. The player will learn many aspect of the forest, especially the dangerous ones. Paddling up the wrong tributary for too long will result in being captured by headhunters or western explorers.

Amazon Trail The Download ( Educational Game)

Yet somehow, the Learning Company's third iteration of its Amazon Trail program does more to squelch one's primal desire to explore than it does to encourage it. Sad wanna be Amazon Explorer. As in the other games in the Trail series, you will have to survive your trip in the areas surrounding the Amazon River. Amazon Trail Item Preview. Even if you run it successfully without an emulator, fetal circulation video the river and fishing modes will run too fast on a modern system.

You play a dreaming person who is taken on a quest to help the Inca people. Read our screenshot tutorial. The game is published by The Learning Company.

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Thing is, it only downloaded two image files, no application or. You are then brought back in time, and will have to explore the Amazon. As you paddle down the river, it is very likely you will find yourself ill with some sickness like yellow fever, malaria, and chagas disease.

Item Preview

Item Preview

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