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Accommodating approach conflict resolution, five Approaches to Dealing With Conflict

The win-win approach sees conflict resolution as an opportunity to come to a mutually beneficial result. We have group facilitators present to remind the group to adopt a problem-solving attitude rather than an adversarial approach. Compromising Approach Moderately cooperative and assertive, a compromising approach to conflict resolution finds a mutually acceptable solution. Collaborating The final approach is the collaborating approach. There are also non-violent methods of dealing with conflict, which are more common in our daily lives.

Five Approaches to Conflict Resolution

Ask for each person's viewpoint, and confirm that you need his or her cooperation to solve the problem. People who engage in this behavior do not know how to resolve conflict or continue in meaningful relationships after conflict occurs. In order to reduce violence, the causes and patterns behind the violence must be addressed.

Ask your team members to make an effort to understand one another's motivations and goals, and to think about how those may affect their actions. Sometimes this approach is useful when a problem should be addressed at another time or if a threatening situation surfaces. So, in our example, Juanita may initially think that Roger is the problem.

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However, misuse of this style can squelch feedback, dis-empower staff and thwart learning, demonstrating assertiveness but offering no cooperativeness. Managers using this style demonstrate that they are peacemakers, willing to yield where possible and want to create goodwill with all.

There is a risk to be abused, i. In intractable conflicts, the hurt is very deep and oftentimes generational. In the midst of conflict, people are always hurt.

We need to apply this same principle to conflict, and learn to look through it, seeing the context of relationships and causes that have created the conflict, and then look beyond it. Make it clear that it's essential for people to be able to work together happily, effectively and without resentment, so that the team and organization can function effectively. Conflict Transformation seeks to deal with the two complex issues of violence and justice.

Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Transformation

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Five Approaches to Dealing With Conflict

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There have been a number of approaches to conflict, three of which are Conflict Management, Conflict Resolution and Conflict Transformation. Conflict Resolution As previously stated, Conflict Resolution encompasses negotiation, mediation, and diplomacy. The problem is caused by neither person, but they do need to work together to resolve it. But too much accommodation and managers risk appearing weak, indecisive and not willing to embrace change.

Instead of viewing the conflict as an obstacle, learn to see the conflict as a window. The compromiser expects to win some arguments and lose others.

Mishandle conflict and problems will likely stew, perhaps erupting in ways not imagined. As emphasized in some of the previous principles, relationships are the key to Conflict Transformation. Tests were devised to establish an individual's predominant conflict resolution mode.

Accommodating Approach Low on assertiveness, but high on cooperation an accommodating approach is used by managers who want to appear reasonable in their decision-making. The five main approaches that we will discuss here are Competing, Avoiding, Accommodating, Compromising, poema de amado nervo yahoo dating and Collaborating.

The problem is whether the organization can afford the new equipment. Often, a conflict presents opportunities for improvement. When you look at a window, instead of focusing on the glass or the window frame, you focus on what is through or beyond the window. Relationships are primary in Conflict Transformation, as is the process and journey that we undertake together.

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Operating from a position of power, expertise or strength, this approach is useful in an emergency situation when an immediate decision needs to be made or to resolve an unpopular issue. Overuse of this approach and problems will continue to intensify, perhaps erupting or at least thwarting honest communication. Collaborators prefer to work with people who collaborate or compromise.

Smoothing is accommodating the concerns of other people first of all, rather than one's own concerns. Eventually, they agreed that five predominating approaches exist.

Collaborators have a high concern for both personal goals and for relationships, and hope to result in a win - win situation. Listen Carefully to Different Interests It's important that everyone understands each party's underlying interests, needs and concerns. Read our articles on Dealing With Difficult People.

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Similarly, Roger may have assumed that Juanita was being unfair when she actually had a mandate to cut costs. It includes a number of methods for improving a situation of conflict, or removing conflict altogether. If the conversation becomes heated or your team members aren't listening to one another, remind them sensitively that it's important to work together and to stay calm.

Conflict Resolution

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An individual firmly pursues his or her own concerns despite the resistance of the other person. Sometimes in the context of Musalaha meetings, we discuss issues that we disagree very strongly on, and at times this results in arguments. The principles discussed come up at various points in this curriculum, and throughout the journey of reconciliation.